Meshfield /’me∫field / n. - 1. probability space 2. Global network 3. collaborative platform 4. combine 5. integrate 6. rejoin 7. weave 8. energy 9. disciplines 10. subtle 11. causal 12. take the field begin a campaign. [old English] 13. region in which a force is effective 14. area of esp. cultivated enclosed land 15. range of perception (field of view) 16. emergence 17. field-day n. exciting or successful time


We hold the perspective that there is enough for everyone to live healthy and fulfilling lives that are in balance with a planet that has limits, despite that we are currently living one quarter beyond the carrying capacity of our earth, and facing challenges of an almost unimaginable order of magnitude. We believe that building health, resilience and wellbeing makes sound and essential economic sense. We thus include short-term profit, medium term prosperity and long-term global wellbeing as core drivers in all we do.


We are interested in rapid action, in co-creating as many “landing strips into the future” (Otto Scharmer) as we possibly can. At all times, we set out to ensure that measurable and observable change and development (behaviour and systems) is supported by the less measurable, yet equally important shifts in our hearts and minds (experience and culture). We view our work as an on-going dialogue between inquiry and action, research and implementation.


We are fascinated by a diversity that is coupled with integration and synthesis. We believe that the quickest way to creating effective and transformative solutions to our current challenges is to bring diverse perspectives into conversations that are held in enabling containers, and to trust the wisdom that is already in each of us.


Whilst we are inspired by a multitude of different thinkers and do-ers, we are at core, an Integrally informed collective. Integral Theory is a powerful and practical framework that is the result of over thirty years of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary scholarship and application.


Meshfield was founded in 2008, a coming together of a group of individuals passionate and curious about doing things differently. We are Cape Town based, and are co-creating both nationally and internationally. We believe that everything we do | think | make as humans has the potential to nurture planetary and human well being in a dynamic process that serves to both stabilize and raise the consciousness of all involved.