Meshfield is a consultancy/research lab that delivers innovation for financial, social, cultural and environmental sustainability, in companies, organisations and communities. Our aim is to inspire and support healthy human creativity; seeding and supporting whole-systems, regenerative design solutions for life to thrive on earth.

We provide a range of services including:


We offer the full architectural design service in both green building and settlement design, with a particular emphasis on the symbiotic and interdependent relationship between built structure and landscape. We are committed to addressing the imminent and mounting challenges of urban food (in)security through thoughtful and informed design. We also offer a combination of green building design and purpose made training in sustainability, covering the basics of water, energy, waste and bio-diversity, and connecting the sustainable design process to clients’ home environments.


We engage complex social, cultural and organizational challenges, responding with interactive processes that help to craft pathways through complexity. We employ a range of methodologies and approaches to achieve this including multiple perspective taking, business simulations, Systems Dynamics, interactive games, Theory U, World Café, Open Space, Dialogue Inquiry and others as appropriate. These processes aim to produce concrete next actions, grounding theory into practical reality.


We provide training courses to built environment professionals and role players. Our primary offering is the Greenfield 3 and a half-day CPD accredited course that is offered in the major cities around South Africa, and is a full-time, off site course. We also offer Greenfield Inside, which is similar material purposed to a particular firm’s context and needs, in three distinct modules. Greenfield Inside is offered at the client’s offices, and unfolds at the clients’ requested pace. We offer Fishbanks, a sustainability focused business simulation designed by Dennis Meadows that we purpose to different contexts (4 hours). Fishbanks ensures rapid, experiential learning and is one of the most effective ways to grasp our global sustainability challenges in a playful and transformative way. We provide bespoke sustainability education and training to corporates, communities, government organizations and NGO’s, addressing their particular needs.


We provide support for start-up businesses that are aligned with Meshfield’s core mission of innovating for sustainability. Given that these start-ups are most likely to be headed for unchartered territories, where both product/service and customer/beneficiary is unknown, there is a strong emphasis on customer development (a methodology coined by Silicon Valley educator and entrepreneur Steve Blank) and business model innovation (using a framework developed by Alexander Osterwalder). These two approaches do not replace the more traditional innovation processes of research and product development, but more importantly, complement and enhance them, particularly in the early stages of concept development where critical feedback is needed to create a rapid-prototyping environment that maximises speed to market, preservation of cash and optimal learning.